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At first glance, if this compact little press (4" x 6" heating head) were a fish, you would probably be tempted to throw it back in the water as being undersized. In this case, however, small size does not mean small abilities.

What it does better than any regular press (including HIX) is give great control, and much less aggravation, on small items, odd shapes and unwieldy goods. Ever try to put a transfer on an umbrella with a 15x15 press? It is much easier with this little dynamo.

Other difficult items the FH-3000 easily tackles include: shirt collars, cuffs and pockets, aprons, tote bags, luggage and golf bag tags, gloves, small tiles, watch faces and much more. For small imprints on hard to handle or bulky items, this is a dandy little solution!

As an added bonus, the FH-3000 only draws a maximum of 4 amps, to maintain temperature. This means the old electric bill is reduced by about 66%, over a standard 15x15 press. In some ways, saving money is even better than making money.

This hard working little press is manufactured with the same features, warranty and craftsmanship, as its bigger brothers and sisters. Single-pass milled heat platens provide an ultra flat surface, for even heating, while finger-tip heating, timing and pressure controls, with an easy to read temperature gauge, complete the package.

This specialized press could turn a "bear" of a job into a cub.

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