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Hobby Lite

9" x 12" Heating Area A high quality, economical heat press for the hobbyist, artist or light production use.

While not intended for heavy production use, the HIX "Hobby Lite" provides very desirable benefits, with HIX dependability, for a very low price.


    Consider These Advantages and Benefits

  • Accepts items up to 1" thick. Thick tiles, plaques and many other items require this ability. If you have a heat press that won't adjust, the Hobby Lite provides that ability. It's cheaper than buying another full size press, just for that feature.

  • Swing away design. The heat is never near your hands and swing feature means you can operate the press practically anywhere and comfortably. A stop keeps the head from going too far, when it is swung back to the left.

  • Full range temperature control to 400°F. There is no guesswork about temperature. You dial it in, like you would on an oven. The 400°F temperature (unusual in such a small press) will transfer anything currently on the market.

  • Lightweight portability at 28 lbs. This kind of "tuck it under your arm" ability makes it ideal for mobile retail needs. The small size makes it ideal for use at flea markets, craft fairs and other special events, where space is limited.

  • Heat indicating light. No need for a temperature gauge. Dial the temperature needed and turn the press on. When the light goes out, the press is ready.

Other features of this neat little press include- full-range pressure control, easy to use pressure lever, built-in electrical safety fuse and 1 year warranty.

Because many of our friends and customers want to print their own transfers, we provide two, tutorial web sites. At learn about various "JetWear" heat transfer papers. These papers are professional grade and still probably cheaper than what you buy at a store.

If you want to learn about inkjet sublimation inks, go to These special inks give you the ability to produce much higher quality prints than regular inks. In addition, these same inks give you the ability to imprint items (like mugs, for example) that you can't imprint with a heat transfer.

In conclusion…

The Hobby Lite, for the money, is really a dandy little press. Not surprisingly, even our customers who have moved up to larger presses still keep their little Hobby Lite.

However with our typical candor, we want to say up front that the Hobby Lite is not a substitute for something like the rugged, HIX HT-400 professional heat press. For the right types of jobs and the right needs, however, the "Lite Is Right".

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