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In the trade, the 15x15 HT-400 and the 16x20 HT-600 are referred to as absolute workhorses because…they are!

Worldwide, literally thousands of screen printers, trophy companies, heat transfer applicators, airbrush artists, sublimators and many others, happily use one of these presses everyday.

If you ever hear of someone complaining about their new clamshell heat press, it probably isn't a HIX! Here's why…

The HT-400P
Advanced features - Simple Efficiency - Rugged dependability

What makes the HIX "HT" presses tops in their class is obvious and, simultaneously subtle; seen and unseen.

Having used heat presses for 30+ years, here are the standout points that make a difference in day to day use.

  • Easy integrated digital time and temperature settings - Three easy pushes of the LCD "Program" button and pressing up and down arrows sets the time and temperature. This makes it very easy to change temperature or time, for different kinds of work.

  • Constant pressure readout-

    The current pressure is displayed, each time the press closes. Pressure is easily changed with the black knob at the top back of the HT-400P (clockwise for more, counter-clockwise for less). There are nine settings: 0-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium and 7-9 for heavy. This is a great feature, if you press a lot of different thicknesses.

  • Tilting lower platen - The bottom platen tilts up, towards the upper platen, as the heat press closes. This equalizes pressure, even when pressing thick items, like this quarter-inch thick 8x10 ceramic tile.

  • Easy shirt-splitting- There is a 1½" space under the bottom platen because it rests on rocker arms (so that it can tilt). This makes it easier than eating a plate of grits, to pull a shirt onto the bottom platen (like an ironing board), do one side, pull it off, reverse the shirt and then press the other side (we have a Teflon cover on the bottom platen)

  • Top Pressure Plate- The handle attaches to a 4"x5" pressure plate on the top platen, instead of a single screw going into the top platen. This provides more even pressure on the outside edges of the press (think of it as pushing down with your entire hand, versus just your thumb).

  • Certified electrically safe (ETL) - The "Electrical Testing Laboratory" seal means HIX presses have passed a rigid and very demanding, independent testing process and has been certified electrically safe.

  • 100% Made in the USA, by Americans - This may or may not be important to you, but it is to HIX and us. To keep it "All USA", HIX has their own fully integrated aluminum foundry, CNC mill operation, welding, metal forming, wiring, fabrication, assembly, and packaging departments.

Our Final Thoughts For You…

The HT-400P is really an excellent clamshell heat transfer machine, with a one-year general warranty and lifetime warranty on the heater element.

In fact, we still use an earlier (1998) model HT-400 ourselves. We use it to make thousands of small samples, every year. The press allows us to "put the petal to the metal", get finished and get on with our other work.

The new HT-400P is an even better press

Heat Transfers & Inkjet Sublimation

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